Membrane gasholders are the choice of discerning customers

With their almost total resistance to the harmful acids and other compounds found in biogas, Vergas membrane gasholders are the preferred solution.

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Costing less than half the price of a typical steel gasholder of the same capacity, these gasholders are increasingly becoming the normal method of containing and handling biogas.

The gas storage systems are exclusively manufactured from advanced structural fabrics, and designed as membranes to provide both structural ( climatic ) stability and impermeable gas storage. No metals are used, except for the anchorage connecting the membranes to a concrete foundation slab. The gasholders are provided with inflation fans and full instrumentation to measure and control the storage process. The membranes, unlike steel, are totally resistant to the acids inevitably formed during the biogas production process in the anaerobic digesters.

Our reference list of nearly seventy installations in UK and Europe is testimony to our success in this field.

We have recently developed a “digester-top” gasholder, to replace old floating-dome or fixed roof covers, which are again so prone to corrosion. This work is principally aimed at the US market, where we work with our partners but there is a developing market for these items in UK and Europe.

For some examples please have a look at our reference site section.