Duosphere Double-Membrane Gasholders - Inspection & Maintenance

These inspection activities are undertaken each year, with the alternate year's inspection being more intrusive.

maintain_1 maintain_2 maintain_3 maintain_4

Our maintenance schedule can broadly be split into two categories. A full list of our extensive maintenance schedule is available as a pdf download below:



bullet Confirm asset details correspond to original specification bullet Empty gasholder of gas from inner membrane through the flare
bullet Electrial isolation, visual inspection and check operation of all electrical equipment bullet Purge gasholder in preparation of maintenance schedule
bullet Visually check for corrosion and damage to mechanical components and fittings bullet Check and report for corrosion on all mechanical components
bullet Check and report on condition of all pipework bullet Enter and visually inspect inner membrane for obvious damage and report
bullet Visual inspection and report of outer and inner membrane as applicable bullet Check for correct location of ballast ring and target board if appropriate
bullet Carry out small fabric repairs if required or immediately possible bullet Inspect staps and cables for chafing and other damage
bullet Check and report of inner membrane anchorages and fixings bullet Check satisfactory operation of all valves and actuators, fixed and hand
bullet Vusually inspect security of u/s transducer and cable bullet Operate system valves so that upper gas operational level is reached
bullet Check air damper valve for smooth operation, and proper pressure settings bullet Simulate an inner membrane leak and check alarm is raised
bullet Lubricate and sdjust settings of mechanical gas PRV bullet Check condition of lightning conductor system and associated cabling
bullet Visually inspect and report on all earthing arrangements bullet Check compound is secure and free of foilage, weeds and other debris
bullet Thoroughly clean all external components and enclosures, check paintwork bullet Ensure remedial actions confirm to M & E 3039
Pleas email us for our complete maintenance schedules